Tuesday 19:01

Collision Investigation Unit at the scene. They are using equipment to get the ‘friction value’ for the road which forms part of the investigation.

Tuesday 19:02

Profile of PC Jon Butler

PC Jon Butler
PC Jon Butler

Name: PC Jon Butler,

Age 33

10 years in the job, 6 years on traffic.

Favourite car is Aston Martin DBS

Top driving tip  – Safely pull over to the left hand side of the road when you see emergency vehicles approaching, do not just stop, it causes great danger to yourself and other road users.

Tuesday 19:11

Officers have now left the scene and are heading back towards Birmingham on general traffic patrol

Tuesday 19:14

The Collision Investigation Unit are the ‘investigative’ arm of the traffic unit. They incorporate the reconstruction team who survey scenes of accidents and recreate them in order to understand what happened and present evidence to court

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