Wednesday 14:15

High speed pursuits, dangerous vehicles, cutting edge equipment. The WMP traffic team work 24/7 to keep ours roads safe.

See below for the ‘Behind the Wheel’ live blog  which had live updates throughout the evening, with footage of real life crashes and incidents and driving advice from the team.

Tuesday 18:02

If you have any questions, please tweet us using the hashtag #btwlive.

Tuesday 18:04

Supt. Blakeman and his team will be providing updates throughout the evening.

Tuesday 18:06

Acting Superintendent Kerry Blakeman

Acting Superintendent Kerry Blakeman
Acting Superintendent Kerry Blakeman

Name: Kerry Blakeman

Role: Acting Superintendent in Force Operations

Age 48. Has worked for WMP for 27 years.  His favourite car is a Morris Marina 1.8TC.

Top driving tip: Adopt the ‘what if?’ principle – for example ‘what if that car pulls out on me, am I prepared to react?’

Tuesday 18:09

B unit started their shift at 3pm with a team briefing led by the shift sergeant. They receive updates about what’s been happening across the force, receive any up to date intelligence and get notified of any vehicles they need to be looking out for while they are on patrol.

Tuesday 18:15

We will be using Periscope for our live video updates during tonight’s blog. You can view it live and the footage will be available from mobile devices for 24 hours.

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