Wednesday 12:08

The SIO will now head back to the incident room to hold the first briefing for staff around the murder

Wednesday 12:15

The family liaison officer (FLO) will be appointed at this point in the investigation. They will meet the family of the victim and support them through every aspect of the investigation.

Wednesday 12:20

Profile – Julie Yearsley

Family Liaison Officer - Julie Yearsley
Family Liaison Officer – Julie Yearsley

Name: Julie Yearsley

Rank: Detective Constable

Role: Family Liaison officer

Joined the force 19 years ago having previously been an auxiliary Nurse.  She became a detective after 3 years in uniform and has been the force lead FLO for the last 12 months.

As an FLO, Julie’s role is to support the next of kin to deceased from the initial notification of death, formal identification, Coroners court, victimology and evidence gathering of family members and guide through all aspects of enquiry until court case.

Wednesday 12:21

Video of one of our FLOs talking to the brother of a murder victim about the role of the FLO and how they work with victim’s families

Family Liaison officer Julie Yearsley talks to Johnson Nwakubo about the murder of his brother and how family liaison officers helped him through the ordeal.

Wednesday 12:58

The FLO will now be on their way to meet the family of the victim. They will work with the family over the coming weeks as part of the investigation.

Wednesday 13:20

Once the crime scene coordinators have finished at the scene they will send all the evidence they gathered to the forensics lab for further investigation.

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