Tuesday 10:44

This is your chance to experience a murder investigation as it happens, minute by minute.

We have used previous incidents to show you how a murder investigation develops. You will be able to see exactly how a typical murder case progresses and be able to ask questions along the way.

THIS BLOG WAS LIVE IN MAY 2014.   Scroll down to see how a murder investigation develops in the early stages.


Wednesday 7:45

The investigation starts as soon as we receive the initial murder report which would come in to one of our contact centres. It’s taken by one of call handlers who dispatches officers to the scene on an immediate response.

Wednesday 7:55

Listen to one of our 999 call operators, Emily Poste talk about how the job affects her

Wednesday 7:55

Profile – Emily Poste

Emergency Call Operator - Emily Poste
Emergency Call Operator – Emily Poste

Name: Emily Poste

Role: Emergency Call Operator

Worked for West Midlands Police for 4 years. Before working for WMP Emily was an Auxiliary Nurse for Hampshire NHS.

Emily’s role is to take 999 calls from the public and calls from other agencies and she also works on the Traffic desks as a Resource Allocate and Dispatcher at Bournville Lane Force Control centre.

Wednesday 8:12

Once the call is received, uniformed officers are immediately deployed. The scene of the crime will be cordoned off ready for the senior investigating officer (SIO) and the forensic crime scene coordinators.

Picture from the scene
Wednesday 8:30

Detective Chief Inspector Caroline Marsh talks about the role of the Senior Investigating Officer

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